Intrasolar Graphic & Mastering Studio will bring freshness to your company and make your competition envious!
Logo Design, Product Packaging Design, Music Mastering, Graphic Design...

Professional Graphic Design and Music Mastering Studio

Make your company logo or product look unique and professional!

   Intrasolar Studio is a group of passionate graphic designers and music producers who are dedicated to their business customers and are always in contact with any of their associates and customers. If you are a producer searching for a professional mastering of your tracks or a company manager searching for a logo design or either just a book writer willing to find an appropriate design for his book and for appropriate costs, you are on the right place. We are here for you.

   Our experiences include working in both big and small companies, which makes us understand the need of low and big budget customers. We are currently actively working for 4 music record labels and 2 companies for who we are working flyers, product boxes and posters.

      Intrasolar Studio's team of professional graphic designers and producer will make sure that customer's expectations are fulfilled. Feel free to contact us about any information, we will reply in 48 hour period.